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Spain - Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CTN) - Marine Technology Centre

CTN is a non-profit private association of companies that aims to improve the competitiveness of the overall marine and maritime sector through the development of new technological solutions and technology transfer. Its main activities are shipbuilding and shiprepair both defense and civil, maritime transport, aquaculture and marine and coastal tourism. Most of its companies are SMEs of the industrial sector. CTN is a cofounder member of the Spanish Maritime Cluster which is made up of more than 100 entities. CTN encourages the integration of all the actors of the sector with the aim to improve the cooperation and collaboration among them, the search of new business opportunities, the preparation of new innovative solutions and the development of R&D projects. CTN has a wide experience in the development of R&D projects aiming at improving the value chain of the maritime sector, strengthening industrial leadership in the naval sector and increasing productivity and competitiveness at local, national and European levels.
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